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Volunteer Opportunities

The Loon Preservation Committee has always been a grass roots organization, and relies upon its network of volunteers and members to accomplish its mission. Volunteers can help in a number of ways.

Field Volunteer

Field volunteers help monitor the number and breeding success of loons on lakes throughout the state; conduct the annual Loon Census; report injured or dead loons and unhatched eggs to LPC staff; build and float nesting rafts and signs; post educational signs; watch over nesting loons; and work to educate lake users and prevent conflicts between loons and people. 

If you live on or visit a lake in New Hampshire and would like to become a field volunteer, please email us at volunteers@loon.org or call LPC at 603-476-5666.  You may also visit the Field Volunteers page for additional information or to download an observation log.

Loon Center Volunteer

VolunteerThe Loon Center is LPC’s headquarters and visitor center.  Loon Center volunteers greet visitors; conduct sales; maintain the overall appearance of gift shop and meeting room; assist in organizing and maintaining storage areas; re-stock merchandise in gift shop; answer basic questions about LPC, loons and the surrounding Lakes Region.  Volunteers may also assist with events including our annual Loon Festival and Holiday Open House or with bulk mailings.
If you are interested in volunteering at The Loon Center, please call LPC at 603-476-5666 or email us at info@loon.org.

VolunteerBenefits of Volunteering

Without our volunteers, LPC could never have demonstrated that coordinated and thoughtful human intervention can reverse the decline of a threatened species such as the loon. We attempt to thank our volunteers by informing them of the results and values of their efforts. However, perhaps the greatest reward we can offer them for their involvement with loons and the Loon Preservation Committee is an appreciation of loons and other wildlife.