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The Frederick and Paula Anna Markus Wildlife Sanctuary

Perhaps The Loon Center's greatest asset is its location on the Markus Wildlife Sanctuary.

Loon CenterThe Sanctuary is comprised of 200 acres of upland forests, marshes, ponds, clear-running streams and over 5,000 feet of pristine shoreline on Lake Winnipesaukee, one of the largest remaining areas of natural shoreline on the lake. These diverse habitats make this sanctuary home to a wide host of plant and animal species. Two walking trails wind their way through the Sanctuary.

Yellow WarblerThe Forest Walk    (¼ mile)

The Forest Walk is a short, easy loop through mixed woods. Enjoy edge and interior forest habitats, the warblers and wildflowers of spring, the cool shade in summer, the colors of fall, and woodland tracks on winter's snows.

The Loon Nest Trail    (1½ miles)

Bunch BerryThe Loon Nest Trail allows visitors to experience the natural beauty of upland forests, marshes, clear streams and close to a mile of pristine shoreline. Follow Halfway Brook through mixed woodlands toward the lakeshore. Squeeze between giant granite "glacial erratic" boulders, sit and enjoy Lake Winnipesaukee from several vantage points, and skirt the edge of a thriving marsh before returning to The Loon Center. Or, walk to the views and back for a shorter trip. Sturdy footwear is recommended for those who want to walk the entire trail. Wildlife viewing opportunities abound on both trails - you may even catch a glimpse of our resident pair of loons!

MWS trail map
Click here to download the trail guide. PDF file