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LPC Shopping - Books and Calendars

If you don’t see what you are looking for, please visit or call us, and we will be happy to assist you.  We will take your order by phone if you prefer. Members will receive a 10% discount on all phone orders. All proceeds support LPC’s work to safeguard loons. Sorry - no international shipping.


Whispers on Winnipesaukee
Follow the adventures of Haley Mae on Winnipesaukee in Whispers on Winnipesaukee by local author Martha Kruse and illustrator Phyllis Stibler.
Calling Loon Plush Toy sold separately, click here.


Gavia Immer Splendid Swimmer
A read and color book about loons. Written by Linda K. Mazanec; illustrated by Joan G. Cox. 33 pages


Dahlov Ipcar's Maine Alphabet - Hardcover
From harbors and islands to deer and moose, Dahlov Ipcar's Maine Alphabet covers her entire home state of Maine, showcasing her bold, striking signature illustrations of wildlife and coastal scenes. This book is near and dear to Ipcar's heart, serving as a kind of love letter to her home state where she has lived and worked for almost 75 years. Her affection for Maine rings true in each letter, from "A is for animals, wild and free," to W, "for woodlands of wonder for you and for me." In the last illustration, which the 94-year-old artist did especially for this edition, she invites young readers to "Walk in my woods and you will see / X, Y and Z high in a tree."


Snow Secrets - Soft Cover by Lynn Levine
Sarah and Jasmine, both sixth graders, venture into the woods with Tess, an Abenaki woman, and learn the art of tracking. Mysteries await them at every turn. When they return home, they learn that Boots, Sarah's cat, is missing. On their own, the girls use their recently acquired skills to search for Boots. The girls have very different ways of learning. Sarah is school smart, while Jasmine learns more about the world from the out-of-doors. Sarah has trouble riding horses, while Jasmine excels. Although they are jealous of each other, they must learn to work as a team.


2018 Loons on the Lake Calendar:
12 Full color painted images on linen embossed paper. 13.25" x 24", brass grommet, large day grids for notes, major holidays and moon phases


Loon Hardcover:
By Susan Vande Griek, illustrated by Karen Reczuch This gorgeously illustrated prose poem follows two baby chicks. We witness their birth, and how they learn to swim, find food and avoid predators such as snapping turtles and big bass, and the possible danger of boaters. In the fall they imitate their parents as they learn to fly and are eventually large and strong enough to make their own migration to the coast. An afterword supplies other interesting facts about the common loon, which some scientists believe has inhabited lakes and oceans for millions of years. It describes these birds' amazing diving ability, their four different calls, and the different factors that threaten them, such as loss of habitat due to human proximity and environmental problems (acid rain, deadly toxins in lakes, oil spills and global warming), suggesting different ways that we might help to protect them.


The Witches: A Winnipesaukee Adventure Hardcover
By Andy Opel, illustrated by Karel Hayes — signed by the author. When Jack gets his first boat, he is excited to explore Lake Winnipesaukee with his younger brother and sister. Timber Island is a magical place just across the bay, but to get there, they have to go past The Witches. Follow Jack, Franny, and J.J. as they set off in search of summertime adventures. In a classic tale of kids "messing about in boats," The Witches captures the timeless magic and mystery of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. For generations, families have returned to this special place, sharing in the beauty of the "smile of the great spirit." Join Jack, Franny, and J.J. as they learn about the power of the lake and the wisdom of their grandmother.


Adventures with Grapenut:
Nature Photographer John Rockwood documents his unique encounter with a loon chick on New Hampshire's Lake Massabesic in this delightful tale. John earns the trust of a loon family which leaves young "Grapenut" in his care. Always respectful of wildlife, John's camera captures Grapenut's summer and fall activities with some of the best loon photography we've ever seen! An endearing story told with exceptional full color pictures and a thoughtful narrative on each page. Soft cover; 10 3/4" x 8 3/8"; 55 pages; autographed.


by wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela. Striking photographs capture loons in action and the text provides concise, accurate information to gratify the loon enthusiast's desire for up-to-date research. Paperbound. 9" x 7½" inches.


Pamela Love. A tranquil pond becomes a frightening place for a loon chick that is separated from his parents by a menacing snapping turtle. But the brave little bird remains in his hiding place and survives encounters with a huge moose, a hungry raccoon, and a speedy otter. In the end, he is reunited with his mother and father just as night falls. Ages 4 to 7.

Paperback $9.95

Jennifer Lloyd. In a cottage by a lake, different sounds wake the different members of a family. But where are the sounds of the loons? Patiently, Patrick waits on the porch, ignoring the smell of pancakes and maple syrup, determined to see and hear the mysterious birds. This beautifully illustrated book captures the symphony and simplicity of an early autumn morning. Hardcover. Ages 4 to 8.


by Jean Heilprin Diehl. A boy, his mother and their dog find themselves frantically paddling away from a family of loons while out in their canoe. Their encounter illustrates the instincts of parents to protect their young and the wonder of a child when he meets a loon himself. Hardcover. Ages 4 to 8.


by Kathy-jo Wargin. This legend is a story of the deep love that stays forever and ever in the sound of the loon that calls across the northern lakes. The Legend of the Loon is the story of a magical grandmother and her cherished relationship with her grandchildren. 2001 Children's Choice Award. Hardcover. Preschool.


by Dean Bennett. No one can say why the pair of loons in this story lay their eg two months late. From the day it hatches, their chick is in a race for its life. Can this young loon grow strong enough and learn all it needs to know in half the normal time? Based on a true story. Hardcover. Ages 4 to 8.


by Rebecca Upjohn. Why should Evan care about a dumb bird? When he discovers that the loon will die without help, he realizes he does care, but rescuing the wild bird turns out to be whole lot harder, and more dangerous, than he expected.


Journey with the Loon:
Written by David Evers, Ph.D. and former LPC Staff biologist Kate Taylor. Their latest publication takes on a journey through the loon year, starting with their spring migration to the northern lakes and ending with the winter return to the sea. Photographs by Ginger and Daniel Poleschook. Hardbound with dust jacket; 144 pages, 10.5 x 8.25 inches.